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Below are a list of common questions and answers.  We want to make sure you experience top-notch customer service so if you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us at (562) 209-4242.

What are the Food Manager Certification requirements in CA?


Under the California Health and Safety Code §113947, all food facilities that prepare, handle, or serve unpackaged foods are required to have at least one Certified Food Manager (CFM) or Person in Charge, either an owner or an employee, who has successfully passed an approved and accredited ANSI-CFP food safety certification examination such as ServSafe® Food Safety Manager certification. This includes restaurants, most markets, caterers, ice cream/yogurt shops, delicatessens, Bed and Breakfasts, school cafeterias, Mobile Food Facilities (e.g., hot dog carts and espresso carts), and some bars. 

How long is my ServSafe® Food Manager certification valid?


ServSafe® Food Manager certification is valid for five years and is accepted by most federal, state and local juristictions. 

How long is the class and is the exam offerred the same day?


The class is approximately 8 hours long including training, review and administration of the exam which typically takes between 60 - 90 minutes to complete, depending on the student's knowledge of the content.  The class includes a lunch break as well as short rest periods offered during the morning and afternoon sessions.

What do I need to bring to the class?


On the day of the class, all you will need to bring is a valid picture ID.  We will provide pencils, scratch paper, the exam and other testing materials.  If you plan on taking the online version of the Food Safety Manager certification exam, you will need to bring your own laptop or notepad computer that is WiFi enabled.

What is the ServSafe® exam format?


The exam is multiple-choice.  The exam is offered in either an online format, in which you will receive your score immediately following the exam, or in a paper, Scantron, format, in which you will receive your score 10 - 14 business days following the exam.

Are study materials available prior to the class?

Yes!  Included in your registration confirmation email will be a complimentary study guide which will give you a headstart on preparation for the class and the exam.  

What happens if I don't pass the test?

Should you not pass the test, as part of our training guarantee, you are welcome to take the class as many times as you like at no charge.  However, when you decide to retake the exam, we do charge a $69 retest fee to cover our cost.  Retests are only available during sceduled open classes.

Can I skip the class and take the online exam at home or at work?

Unfortunately, California State Law requires that a certified proctor is present during all Food Safety Manager exams.

What happens if I cannot attend a class that I have registered for?

If you are unable to make it to a class that you have registered for - no problem!  Simply contact us to reschedule a class within two months.  No hassles and no fees. 

Can you come to our business to perform onsite training for employees?


Absolutely - we would love to!  In fact, we will even customize the training to suit the particular needs of your business.  We require a minimum of ten participants per private class.  Please contact us for details as special discounts will apply.

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